What Makes Us, Us

The Freshest Meat Selection

Hams, tenderloins, and pork butts, hand-trimmed then ground – it all starts with the freshest meat. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with a local, third-generation butcher that’s been in business since 1911. They know meat. We know Soupie ™.

Perfect Seasoning Mixture

We use a family recipe written down on a scrap piece of paper that has been handed down over generations, remaining a closely guarded secret. We don’t even know the exact amounts of spices in the mixture…we’re not kidding. Greg’s uncle mixes everything for us by hand and keeps the recipe hidden from prying eyes.

Unbeatable Service

We have our hands in everything. When you place an order or contact us, you’re dealing with the owners directly. We don’t only take our Soupie ™ seriously, we give customer satisfaction the attention it deserves.